Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Here’s Your Automotive Digital Marketing Guide to Stay Ahead of Competitors in 2018

The digital marketing realm is constantly evolving hence, naturally making it difficult to keep pace with all recent developments. Also, simply keeping up with the trends isn’t enough, auto dealers have to make the best use of the new technology to stay ahead in the game. 

This guide will help auto dealers and digital marketers utilize their time and effort in automotive digital marketing services that reap results. From SEO and web design to social media and content marketing, this extensive guide touches upon all these important factors.


The way people research about cars is changing and voice search is the new big thing in 2018. With technology like Google voice search, Amazon Echo and Siri, talking to gadgets is becoming a part of daily life.  According to studies, nearly 20% searches are done through voice recognition. Hence, car advertising agencies need to leverage this new trend in their campaigns.

Keywords here continue to hold prominent position. Instead of short keywords, people are asking real questions and conversing with their gadgets, hence, conversational and natural keywords need to have a place in your keyword strategy.

The second major trend is mobile indexing. Mobile first indexing basically means that desktop versions of a website will no longer be indexed, instead search engines (Google) will give preference to mobile versions of the website instead. This means making mobile search friendly websites is more important today than ever.

Social Media

Micro influencers are playing an active and valuable part in social media marketing. A micro influencer is the one who has a relatively smaller follower base, yet high engagement and genuine followers. These influencers post genuine content which their followers appreciate, hence, marketing through them allow a more targeted approach and cost effectiveness.


This year, car advertising agencies must mostly focus on video and mobile content. Studies reveal that people are four times more likely to watch a video over text content regarding the same subject. And, live video streaming is such a trend these days, its importance has heightened in 2018. Live streaming is also very affordable; hence, small auto dealers can take advantage of this in creative ways. Rather than writing a blog describing a service or features of a car, auto dealers can host a live stream and give out details while also answering questions along with it.

Hence, automotive digital marketing services in 2018 should focus on real time marketing and relation building. Text content here plays the role of supporting videos. Video captions, social media posts and introductions to vlogs still require appealing text content to make users hit play on your video. In a way, content, whether video or text content, continue to remain the top influencer.

Lastly, personalized auto advertisements need attention in 2018.  Ad technology has helped publishers in targeting potential customers, what is needed now is leveraging personalized content and the data on which personalization depends on, for better and more relevant auto ads.

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